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Black Onyx

Chakras: Root (1st), Solar Plexus (3rd), Third Eye (6th)

Element: Earth

Zodiac Birthstone: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Anniversary: Traditional (7th)

Black Onyx (Become a warrior)

When your darkness transforms into a protective intrinsic creature that serves love and is obligated to follow the brightness, it becomes the softest of black velvets lighted by an eternal bliss from the heavens. You become a reincarnated warrior that is willing to cast a light on its darkness and make it surrender to the light.

Black Onyx acts as a protective blanket, providing a haven for your heart to beat calmly and steadily. Mother Nature has sewn the darkness of a Black Onyx as a soothing comforter for the soul, one who is at ease during day and night.

Look at how the stars emerge from the abyss to bring you dreams. With Black Onyx, a January Birthstone, fantasy may become a reality. The darkness of the Black Onyx will wrap itself around you, like strong protective wings, keeping you near till dawn arrives. Inside it, you will like a child once again, secure behind blanket barriers. Your eyes will become as vibrant as the stars and planets above, your stardust atoms will search the stars until they can bask in the glare of the sun, in a spot so inviting to the heavens, resting in the cricket's lullaby.

Conquer the season of darkness by unlocking a gateway to your own brilliance of a warrior by adding Black Onyx to your collection.

What is the purpose of Black Onyx?

Black Onyx is a grounding stone; its purpose is to help people stay calm while also protecting them from bad energy. This grounding stone also helps repel negativity while boosting your strength and bravery. Because of its healing properties, many individuals seek solace from the stone during times of loss and/or huge psychological tension.

What is Black Onyx & where can you find it?

Onyx is a type of chalcedony. It is a sedimentary rock that is created when silica is accumulated in volcanic gas holes. Onyx has long been thought to be a strong stone with several healing properties. This black gemstone has a lovely structure and hue.

Brazil, Uruguay, India, and the state of California in the United States are the most common places to find it.

Spiritual significance of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is thought to be a very miraculous gem. It's linked to grounding, as well as enhancing and channeling energies. This stone is said to aid in overcoming sadness, developing self-control, strengthening bravery, being cheerful, and making positive changes in your life.

The healing properties of Black Onyx

Onyx offers a variety of healing properties. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system and total bodily functioning. Onyx was thought to help repair fractures, blood, and even jaws by ancient healers.

Black Onyx absorbs and transmutes negative energy from its wearer while helping to prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx is a secretive stone that allows you to maintain your own counsel while still retaining memories, making it a good choice for former life work. The secretive stone is claimed to calm concerns and anxiety, as well as aid in the healing of past traumatic events. Black Onyx is thought to aid in the maintenance and/or restoration of emotional equilibrium through its soothing and steady energy.

What birthstone is Black Onyx?

Most notably, Onyx is the birthstone for Leo, the astrological sign (from July 23 to August 22). Onyx has a deep relationship to this zodiac sign as it has a way of taming Leo's inherent over-the-top enthusiasm.

As a result, persons born under this sign might develop greater self-control and self-discipline. Black Onyx assists Leo in achieving their objectives while also aiding them with directing their energies to become more concentrated and in charge of any circumstance.

Virgos (August 23 to September 22) and Scorpios (from October 23 to November 21) are also associated with the Black Onyx. The gemstone aids both signs in their quest to attain optimum success. Furthermore, the Onyx is regarded the mystical birthstone for Capricorn according to the ancient Tibetan calendar (from December 21 to January 19).

What is the significance of Black Onyx as a birthstone?

Onyx, a popular birthstone for numerous zodiac signs, aids the wearer with maintaining attention, improving memory, and completing tasks more swiftly. It is also said to help relieve tension and provide meaning to the sensation of romance. It also balances and strengthens the root, solar plexus and 3rd eye chakras in our bodies. This is one of the reasons why crystal healers adore this stone.

Black Onyx & Capricorns (from December 21 to January 19)

Black Onyx is a mysterious and one-of-a-kind birthstone for Capricorn. This gemstone is supposed to anchor Capricorn, allowing them to have more self-control. It is thought to cleanse and soak up any negative energy that surrounds Capricorn, keeping negative energy from depleting the Capricorn's own strength.

Black Onyx & Scorpios

For Scorpios, the Black Onyx is a strong birthstone. It aids in their concentration, allowing them to attain more achievement. Scorpios benefit from the defensive qualities of Black Onyx. And it's a calming and healing stone for this sign.

Black Onyx in jewelry

The darkness of the Black Onyx in jewelry is beautiful. It is the sheer joy of being, of breathing, and how these moments stretch out.

Ring: - Consider wearing a Black Onyx ring on your ring finger. It fits well, is light, attractive, yet modest, and enigmatic all at the same time. You might feel the birthstone's massive energy jolt as soon as you put it on. This is an incredible gift that will continue to edge and defend all Scorpios, Virgos, and Capricorns on the planet.

Necklace: - The Black Onyx necklace does everything a lover of gemstones could want. The stone itself is quite elegant and gives all of the advantages that the Black Onyx has to offer. Its shielding and cleansing energy will provide a welcome reprieve from the stresses of contemporary life, allowing the wearer to feel more present and at ease.

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