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Chakras: Root (1st), Third Eye (6th)

Anniversary: (9th)

Andalusite is the only known gemstone that can split a single beam of light into 3 separate colors. Another form, Chiastolite, has markings of a cross in each stone.

Andalusite is an ancient emotional and spiritual stone and sometimes it is called "The Seeing Stone" as it enhances memory/recall and scrying divination. The wearer of this stone will be able to see different sides of a problem and various parts of one’s character without bias.

Andalusite is a protection stone. It is believed that Andalusite has powerful protective and creative energies, which allows the wearer to balance their problem with practicality. It will help to block negative energy, and ward off the evil eye.

Andalusite can clear blockages and can also fill up holes in the chakra. It is helpful to overcome depression anxiety and loneliness. Andalusite is said to bring moderation and balance and show the "warrior" how to give up the fight.

Andalusite works well with Jet, Moldavite and Sugilite.

This stone is found in Chile, Russia, Spain, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Canada, USA.

Physical: Due to its healing properties it aids in eye problems, iodine, oxygen and water retention

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