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Custom Order Info

Design Your Own Jewelry

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We love custom orders & have thousands of gemstones on hand, as well as quality dealers for any we don't. We also have a large variety of settings. 
If you're wanting something unique, please just let us know.


We also love rare gemstones and have access to high-quality yet affordable gemstones not found anywhere else. 

You can some of these in our “rare rings” section. We are always adding more.

Our custom orders include necklaces, earrings, fashion rings and engagement rings incl. wedding sets. We have spent the last 10 years cultivating relationships with top-quality jewelry supply sources around the world to be able to best serve our customers specific needs.

It's easy (and risk-free) to get started, simply send us an email with as many or as few details as you like and we can go from there. Should you choose to proceed we have several options available to work with your financial needs.

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