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About Us

Why Our Jewelry?

gulf shores alabama sunset eurythmic jewelry owners
eurythmic jewelry owners

I know, there are thousands of online jewelry websites. So why should you look through our shop? What makes us different?

We are a mother-daughter team that decided years ago to turn our obsession, into a business. Our main location is right on the gulf of Alabama/Florida, we are also in Arizona. Lots of gorgeous gems & Turquoise you’ll see in our jewelry come directly from AZ mines.

What you will find in our shop is high-quality, natural gemstone jewelry that is gorgeous. Gemstone jewelry that’s also affordable. You won’t find outrageous prices or lab-created/simulated or dyed gemstones.

I personally have spent the last few years scouring the entire world for the highest quality gemstones, for the best price. I’m picky. Not only the gemstones but our settings..everything we use to make our jewelry. We’re never going to get rich selling our jewelry, but the most important to us after quality, is that our jewelry is affordable.

There's just something about gemstones, their beauty is stunning, and their energy captivates you. We want everyone to be able to have their own little obsession.

When you look through our store, you’ll find gorgeous pieces and at prices anyone can afford. We also like to look for rare gems. You’ll find a lot of gemstones that you don’t normally see in jewelry, And we’re constantly adding to our selection. (mainly because we're constantly shopping for new gemstones..we’re obsessed. We fully admit it :-)

We have a little bit of everything so please, look around. Whether you’re just browsing to see if something catches your eye, for a natural gemstone beaded necklace, or looking for an alternative to diamonds for your engagement ring, something as unique as you are.. we have it.

We also have healing jewelry, chakra stones and we have a guide that can help you choose the gemstone that is perfect for you.

We LOVE custom orders! We offer a free personal e-mail consult where you can use our decade of experience and knowledge to find a gemstone or we can help you design a gift for someone special or yourself. We both have years of gemology studies as well as certification in crystal & chakra healing and energy medicine. There is something so special about being able to design your own piece of jewelry to match your tastes, personality and color preferences. Send us an email today to get started! 

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